The Process

Most of the portraits I create are from single photos. However, I will also work from a series of subject photos, and with a detailed consultation with the client, to capture the unique personality of your family member, friend or pet. This latter technique takes longer to create and will cost a little more as well.

Here are the steps to follow after your consultation.

Step one: Send the photo of your family member, friend or pet via email. Include the size you are planning the portrait to be when printed. (8x10", 11x17", etc.)

Step two: I will get back to you quickly with a price for your portrait along with an invoice.

Step three: Send check to the address on the invoice.

Step four: You will receive an electronic file of the portrait. From this file you can print out a copy on your own printer, or take it to a professional printer. Or I can provide a printed copy. (If you are requiring a printed copy, shipping and handling fees will be added.)


1. Vector imaging $50.00
2. Paint brush imaging $100.00
3. Digital imaging - Consultation required.